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Authentea is a global leading supplier of instant tea product.  The pure tea extract, extracted essences from natural tea leaves, convenient, instant, safe and eco-friendly, and healthy, makes itself a trendy drink for the whole world.


Authentea (China) Limited is set up and registered in Hong Kong. With investment of RMB 200,000,000 in South China in 2010, Authentea built its production base, Fujian Wuyi Mountain rock tea planting test base, Guangdong Chaozhou Fenghuang Mountain Dancong Tea planting test base and Meizhou green tea planting test base. Authentea Bio-engineering Co. Ltd, located in the Guangdong Meizhou Hi-tech industrial Park, is its industrialization base, with a floor area of more than 30,000square meter, a workshop area of more than 40,000square meter, and a assorted R&D center and a living area.


Authentea has become a leading global supplier of instant tea products with our intelligentized system conducting a perfect application of advanced independently-innovative bioengineering extraction technology into tea extract manufacturing. Authentea has applies for more than 20 national patents, in which 14 invention patents and several international patents.

'Pure tea extract' is the leading achievement by the group R&D team consisting of 2 professors, 3 doctors, more than 20 masters and more than 50 bachelors after years research. Beneficial components and food safety indicators have passed the national and relative inspection authority test. The pure tea extract has shown itself to the domestic and abroad markets, introducing a trendy 'instant tea extract drink'. Scientific technology achievement is translated into productivity, bringing a trendy, instant, pleasing and healthy brand-new tea drink to modern life.


Authentea has set up sales center in Shenzhen------ Shenzhen Authentea Bio-Tech Ltd. , with the sections of overseas channel department, integrated business department, fast-consumption business department, marketing department, commerce department and management center, dealing with the domestic and abroad marketing of pure tea extract.

With the company philosophy of seeking for the origin to benefit consumer, Authentea firmly holds the company development aim of honesty, innovation, practicality and serving. With the care for human demand of health, by high technology, in the carrier of tea leaf, Authentea practices its company culture of people first, quality must and technology basic to realize the standardization and industrialization of tea industry. Authentea, taking the food safety and nutritional balance at first, with its internationally-leading production craft and advanced bio-engineering technology, manufactures the convenient, trendy and healthy pure tea extract. With the abundant strengths, brand-new products, sound reputation and good after-sale service, Authentea with great sincerity looks for distributors for win-win cooperation and booming business with you.