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Welcome to Authentea

Authentea is a world leading producer and supplier of vegetal molecular essence products. We have strong scientific research strength, possessing a technologically advanced pipeline--our originally developed plant active ingredients integrated extraction technology (Pleesit). Besides, we have alredy developed the molecular food with clear factor, high security and significant effects, and have been authorized more than 20 national patents. The instant tea extract is the result of years of perseverant endeavor of our senior R&D team. It refined the traditional tea to a much more convenient, nutrient, eco-friendly and trendy beverage.


Authentea Bio-engineering Co. Ltd, is located in the Guangdong Meizhou Hi-tech industrial Park, with an area of more than 30,000 square meters; a workshop area of more than 40,000 square meters, and allocated with R&D areas and living areas. Its plantation bases are Fujian Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea Plantation, Guangdong ChaozhouFenghuangDancong Tea Plantation and Guangdong Meizhou Green Tea Plantation, which ensured the constant supply of fresh and natural tea and other raw materials.


Authentea has set up Marketing and Sales Center in Shenzhen------ ShenzhenAuthentea Bio-Tech Ltd., with the sections of Overseas Business Division, Integrated Business Division, FMCG Business Division, Marketing Department, Commerce Department and Management Center, dealing with domestic and abroad marketing and sales of pure tea extract.