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PLEESIT: Plant Low-Temperature Extraction & Efficient Separation Integration Technology
A physical plant extraction method originally developed by Authentea, which can effectively release and retain the active ingredients from raw materials, while eliminating the heavy metal and pesticide residues.

A revolution of extract technology
As is known to all, the traditional technology can only grind raw materials into micrometer-scale powder, in which way, neither can the essence be extracted, nor could the consumer's nutrition needs be fulfilled, as this high temperature tends to eliminate or oxidize the active ingredients.

The traditional way of decocting precious raw materials can't fully release the active ingredients. Take lucid ganoderma for instance, when decocted at a very high temperature, its active ingredient--ganodermatriterpenes will lose activity, while the main ingredients in the water will be wooden objects, with bitter taste and plenty of residues.

Our PLEESIT, with its GMP level 100,000 standards and channelization in manufacturing, can keep the producing temperature between 25-35 Temperature and adjust the temperature according to different raw materials. Authentea guarantees the 100% natural and nutrient plant extract due to its sheer physical methods and no chemical additives.

Multi-stage membrane separation
This is a revolution of the industry technology. Nowadays, common purification technologies can only filter the visible particle, while can't eliminate the contamination as pesticide residue and heavy metal in the raw materials.

However, Authentea originally developed Multi-stage membrane separation technology can separate the Multi-stage membrane through hyperfiltration, microfiltration and nanofiltration. In low temperature, it can isolate and eliminate the heavy metal or hazardous substance through molecular level technology, and retain the wholesome active ingredients.

Quantitative blending
Nowadays, most of the nutrition products don't have exact quantitative information. The quantity of active ingredients varies from one to another.

However, by using advanced fingerprint technology, our quantitative blending technology realized the efficient quantitative balance of our products, simultaneously, optimized thetaste, flavor and nutrition. In each product, the quantity of active ingredients is very stable, which proved a perfect combination of traditional regimen recipe and modern technology.

Crystallization Reorganization
The traditional forms of nutrition products like tablets, powder and oil agents, requires addictive like paste, oil, etc., which not only hinders the absorbance of the nutrition, but also increases the hazards of taking.

While, our vacuum low-temperature reorganization crystallization technology realized the low temperature crystallization in the negative oxygen environment, and prevented the active agents from oxidizing, degrading, and contaminating. At the same time, the original flavor and taste of the raw materials can be well remained, therefore, our products can be 100% dissolvable in the water with no residues, and can be fully absorbed by human body.

Quality control

Authentea put the most importance and emphasis on the quality of products; the specific steps are as follows;
1. Selecting molecular food ingredients of significant health care function, high security and developing value from raw materials like Maca, natural Ganodermalucidum, etc.
2. Standardizing the storing condition and purchasing regulation of molecular food ingredients.
3. According to the manufacturing and managing laws of molecular food, aiming at the security review and surveillance system of the food resource, R&D, and manufacturing; designing the most scientific managing model to meet the GMP standards.
At the same time, we introduced some advanced detecting instruments like LC/MS, and GC/MS, etc.; built certain quality control technology like fingerprint or feature maps detection method and index, etc. By using effective and scientific raw material surveillance, we fully ensured the superior quality of our product. 
Authentea has already been archived by FDA, and authorized the certificate from the USDA, which symbolized that our product is 100% natural, wholesome and eco-friendly.